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Airocide® technology

Air purifiers developed and used by NASA

Innovation, quality, efficiency and service

are central to our approach

Choose the Airocide® process – photocatalytic bioconversion without a filter

The story of Airocide® starts in space

NASA had a problem

Sending humans into space presented a large number of challenges. One of the main problems was how to preserve perishable foods. Indeed, in a confined and sealed space, the concentration of ethylene increases quickly then becomes toxic beyond a certain level of concentration. So toxic in fact that it very quickly kills the plants and vegetables. So NASA turned to science.

The solution was elegant

A revolutionary and unique air purification technology. Airocide® photocatalytic bioconversion. Maintenance-free. Produces no undesirable by-products. And consumes as little power as a 100 W bulb. And it worked! Free of ethylene gases in the shuttle, Man has access to fresh food to continue their odyssey!

Designed to remove ethylene in space, even more powerful on Earth

A real revolution in air treatment

This unique technology will find many applications on Earth. Effective in space on ethylene, it showed itself to be extraordinarily efficient with moulds, viruses and bacteria. Used in the health sector, Airocide® destroys viruses such as flu or H1N1, eliminates Anthrax, destroys allergens and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), etc.

Airocide® is a precious ally in the battle against hospital-acquired infections. From food preservation to human health taking in food safety and heritage conservation, Airocide® was born in space to perform on Earth.

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Innovation, quality, efficiency and service are central to our approach.

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