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Support in the installation of air purifiers

From design to delivery

Project management in 5 steps


Step 1: Free layout study

Ask us to pay a visit or send us a drawing of the area to be protected or audited, our specialists will carry out a location study for the air purification devices free of charge. On-site or remotely.


Step 2: Sizing of the installation

Abiotec’s design specialists along with the Airocide® design department in Florida will work out which model will attain the desired decontamination target after the air purifiers have been installed. To do this, they take into account various parameters such as activity in the area to be protected, the volume, fresh air supply, current contamination, number of individuals in the area, etc.


Step 3: Quality tests

Each Airocide® purifier is tested a number of times throughout the manufacturing process in the US, and undergoes a final test before shipment.


Step 4: Delivery

The logistics team takes on responsibility for packaging and shipping your Airocide® and will be able to keep you informed about your delivery.


Step 5: After-sales service

A large and permanent stock of spare parts is available to you in under 24 h. A team of specialist technicians is on hand to help you as quickly as possible.

The project leader is your single contact person throughout your project