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The Airocide® process

Simple, efficient and non-hazardous

An innovative air purification technology

Photocatalytic bioconversion

The conversion of an organic material (vegetable, animal or bacterial) into harmless by-products via a biological process involving successive oxidations.

For this to work effectively, the process requires 3 core elements:



an unalterable photocatalytic substrate with ultra-high reactivity continually producing billions of hydroxyl radicals per nanosecond


the process must be green


no hazardous or noxious by-product must be produced during the bioconversion

The ideal solution for purifying air without compromise.

Airocide®‘s unique efficiency


The hydroxyl radicals are bound to a silica micro-surface via nano-particles creating a substrate which is effective over 360°.

The increase in the effective surface area increases the chances of collisions with the pathogens.

Through the unique architecture of the silica micro-tubes, Airocide® air purifiers have more than 5 m² of surface area available for bioconversion.

Moreover this bioconversion technology produces neither ozone nor any noxious or undesirable by-product. Just O2, CO2 and H2O.

Advantages of the Airocide® solution :