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Airocide® in a medical environment

Air treatment by photo-catalytic bioconversion

An innovative and effective solution for making ambient air safe

Developed by NASA, Airocide® technology:
eradicates 99.996% of viruses, bacteria and airborne moulds (including H1N1 and Anthrax)
eliminates gases and bad smells
eradicates allergens in the air
destroys micro-organisms which are too small to be filtered

The advantage of the Airocide® technology

Physical process without any chemical product which operates continuously
Easy to implement
Reduced maintenance
No dosing or adjustment necessary
May be combined with any type of filtration and ventilation system
No hazardous by-products created

Airocide® limits the risk of hospital-acquired infections

The battle against hospital-acquired infections is one of your priorities.

1 hospital-acquired infection in 5 is airborne and no air treatment system can provide full protection as no filter is small enough to stop everything.

Airocide® helps you in your battle by acting directly on the micro-organisms: it does not trap them but destroys them instead, whatever their nature or strength.

Airocide® also eliminates gases and undesirable smells

Airocide® has proven its effectiveness by destroying more than 99.99% of anaesthetic and sterilising gases and by eliminating VOCs and all organic molecules present in the air.

Tests and test reports:

Bacteria: Bacillus Anthracis Spores – 99.9986% destruction in a single pass (published by NASA and the laboratory of the University of Wisconsin)
Bacteria in the air: reduction of 80% in 24 h in an operating block (Harmot medical center); compared with HEPA filters (published by Texas A&M University)
Moulds and fungi: reduction of 99.9937% (tested by the laboratory of the University of Wisconsin)

Airocide® has been tested in the laboratory.

In a few hours, the photocatalytic bioconversion technology destroys 99.99% of:
Moulds (Aspergillus, etc.)
VOCs and gases

Airocide® improves your image

This effective and innovative solution, both stylish and discrete, allows you to make use of this new competitive advantage in your communications.

Air purified ecologically by a scientifically validated technology to protect patients, employees and brand image.

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