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Purifying the air of sports halls with Airocide®

Decontamination and destruction of smells

An ideal technology for purifying air in a confined environment open to the public

Developed by NASA, Airocide® technology :

The destruction of airborne micro-organisms


Less absenteeism


Less allergens in the air


A great platform for communication and differentiation

Reduction of bad smells


Better brand image


Reduces the consumption of deodorisers


Less cleaning


Positive impact on customer loyalty

The advantage of the Airocide® technology


Physical process without any chemical product which operates continuously


Easy to implement


Reduced maintenance


No dosing or adjustment necessary


May be combined with any type of filtration and ventilation system


No hazardous by-products created

Air quality in fitness and sports halls

We are all sensitive to smells, and even more when playing sports. Indeed, when exercising, the volume of air processed by the lungs goes from 6 to 8 litres per minute at rest to 80 to 150 litres per minute, depending on the intensity of the exercise.

i.e. 10 to 20 times more than when at rest!


When the volume of air breathed multiplied by a factor of 10 is combined with the confinement, the risk of cross-contamination is high: influenza and other airborne transmissible illnesses can easily propagate. Airocide® efficiently reduces the risk of illness for both your employees and customers.

Airocide® improves your image

This effective and innovative solution, both stylish and discrete, allows you to make use of this new competitive advantage in your communications. Air purified ecologically by a technology approved by the celebrated NASA to show your customers that you care about their health and comfort.

Airocide® references in the food processing industry:

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