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Abiotec process

Simple, efficient and non-hazardous

When water meets light…

UV sources amplify the natural phenomenon

The Sun has a cleaning effect due to the emission of invisible light: ultraviolet (UV).

This natural phenomenon is reproduced and amplified by our powerful ultraviolet emission sources.

The DNA and some elements of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, yeasts, moulds, etc.) are damaged by UV wavelengths (200 to 315 nanometres). This blocks replication of the genetic material and prevents a micro-organism surviving and multiplying.

All the germs may be disabled, even though they do not all have the same UV sensitivity.

In addition to disinfection, UV treatment has other applications:


destruction of chloramines


destroying ozone


photo-oxidation of Total Organic Carbon (TOC)



The advantages of UV sources over other methods of disinfection (source: French water agency) :

Chlorination Ozone UV
Cost low high moderate
Equipment reliability good quite good quite good
Regulation yes at design stage yes
Sensitivity to maintenance low high high
Technical complexity simple complex simple
Bactericidal power good good good
Virucidal power low good good
Safety problem yes no no
Transport problem yes no no
Fish toxicity toxic non-toxic ? non-toxic
By-products yes yes no
Residual persistence long no no
Contact time long moderate short
Increases dissolved O2 no yes no
Reacts with ammonia yes yes no
Discolouration power moderate yes no
pH dependency yes slight no
Corrosiveness yes yes no